Shadows on a Wall – just republished in paperback & digital

Shadows on a Wall – just republished in paperback & digital

‘Probably the best novel about movie making ever written’

A limousine is discovered at the bottom of a river. Inside are the bodies of two world famous Hollywood stars, a young film director and a famous rock musician. Meanwhile not far away a movie about Napoleon is massively over-budget and the producer has gone missing…

Part mystery, part black-comedy, Shadows On A Wall is also a love story of many parts: there is the screenwriter who writes a role for his girlfriend and sees it taken from her; the producer who is desperate to please his French wife, a former sex-star; and there is the growing friendship between an English schoolgirl actress and a young film editor.

Mainly, though, Shadows On A Wall is the story of people in love with movies – and what really happens when they go on location.

What the critics said:

‘Probably the best novel about movie making ever written’ – Sunday Express

‘Bright and blackly funny…the War and Peace of Hollywood novels. Highly recommended’ – New York Library Journal

‘Shadows On A Wall belongs on that select shelf of good literature about Hollywood alongside Robert Stone’s Children Of The Light and Michael Tolkin’s The Player’ – Washington Post

‘Without doubt the best movie story I have ever read. A brilliant mixture of irony, comedy and pathos’ – Publishing News

‘Satire…with a couple of black comedy surprises that would have delighted Alfred Hitchcock’ – San Francisco Chronicle

‘A smart, funny, knowing novel – this book would make a great movie’ – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

‘Shadows On A Wall never falters. This bitter-sweet comedy about the making of a movie epic kept me engaged through every scene, laughing here, worrying there, fascinated always by the absurdity and the reality of it all. Epic and massively entertaining’ – National Public Radio (US)

‘Darkly funny’ – Seattle Times

‘Readers will certainly delight in the roller coaster ride of action packed and tragic events” – Booklist

‘Hilarious – a wonderfully ironic black comedy’ – Buzz

‘Excellent – so accurate and so cutting is the portrait Connolly paints that even citizens of Tinseltown should give it the thumbs up’ – Publishers Weekly (US)

‘Imagine The Player crossed with Reds and then throw in Hugh Grant and Quentin Tarantino. It’s sure to wow ’em on the beaches’ – Entertainment Weekly (US)

‘Connolly is both true to life and inventive. He knows how movie people behave and talk, and he knows how to tell a big story’ – Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

‘A delightful and irreverent side-swipe at Hollywood’ – South China Morning Post