DEVOTED  –  ‘drama download of the week’ on BBC Sounds

DEVOTED – ‘drama download of the week’ on BBC Sounds

Written by Ray Connolly

Listen here.

Starring Philip Jackson and Alison Steadman

Produced by Gary Brown

On April 15, 2020 Ray Connolly was admitted to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital suffering from Covid 19. He did not return home until September 25. He was aged 79, with no underlying health issues.

Spending over 100 days in intensive care, and with many weeks in an induced coma, he had a tracheotomy, pneumonia and kidney dialysis. He was also ventilated and proned, had two heart attacks, stents were put into his arteries and he suffered scarred lungs. All of these occurred directly as a result of Covid.

The play Devoted is Ray’s account of his illness, and his survival – thanks to the doctors and nurses of the National Health Service.

Based largely on the emails which his wife, Plum, sent to their children every day that Ray was in hospital, it shows the pandemic from two points of view; that of the patient whose unconscious months were filled with hallucinations, and that of his family who dreaded the ringing of the phone in case it brought news they didn’t want to hear.

DEVOTED  is now  available as BBC Drama Download of the Week on BBC Sounds.