Out Of His League



She was out of his league, no doubt about that. Beautiful, fair and expensively casual, she was reading … read more

The List




Helen heard the news at the monthly lunch party. All the wives who regularly gathered at the … read more

Love in a Sandpit



He cried that first morning – although that wasn’t what he’d expected would happen. His mother had taken … read more

I Saw Her Standing There



Suddenly he was apprehensive. Was he making a terrible mistake? What was the point in all this? He … read more

Let Nothing You Dismay – A Christmas story



Harry watched as Amy, the tip of her tongue poking from between her lips, compiled her list. Finally … read more

Penelope As Nevermore

Penelope As Nevermore



‘A virus?’

‘That’s what they said. And they can’t fix it!’

‘It’s a twelve hundred pound laptop, … read more