Out Of His League

Short story

She was out of his league, no doubt about that. Beautiful, fair and expensively casual, she was reading a brochure when he arrived at the hotel. He thought she might be waiting for a husband or a lover. … read more

The List

Short story

Helen heard the news at the monthly lunch party. All the wives who regularly gathered at the home of one or another of them knew about the problems that Sally and Tom Stewart had been having in their … read more

Love in a Sandpit

Short story

He cried that first morning – although that wasn’t what he’d expected would happen. His mother had taken him there promptly at nine-thirty in his new red fleece-lined jacket, and he’d dashed ahead of her through the park, … read more

I Saw Her Standing There

Short story

Suddenly he was apprehensive. Was he making a terrible mistake? What was the point in all this? He wished now that he’d made an excuse and cancelled.

He looked across the narrow street. A troupe of Polish tourists … read more

Penelope As Nevermore

Penelope As Nevermore

short story

‘A virus?’

‘That’s what they said. And they can’t fix it!’

‘It’s a twelve hundred pound laptop, for heaven’s sake. It’s hardly been used. Of course they can fix it. They’re just not trying.’

The young assistant … read more