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    Articles in category: Interviews

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    Produced by George Martin

    WS Category: Interviews

    'John...' says Sir George Martin measuring his words, 'hated his voice. When we were recording he was always asking me to distort and disguise it by putting different sorts of echo on it. In that way when he heard it through his headphones in the studio he could forget that he was listening to John Lennon. I loved his voice.' So, of course, did hundreds of millions of others who never suspected Lennon's insecurities. But, for seven years in the Sixties, Martin, the serene, elegantly spoken man who produced every Beatles record, observed in close-up all the little worries and ego clashes of the most famous four people in the world.

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    Spike Milligan 1971

    WS Category: Interviews

    Spike Milligan reckons he was born a clown - just as some people are born with funny shaped noses or whatever. In fact one of his earliest memories has him as a little boy of seven playing a clown in the school Christmas play.

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    Joe Frazier 1971

    WS Category: Interviews

    Right on 6.30 yesterday evening, just three weeks after negotiations for our meeting were begun and ten days after I first tried to interview him, Joe Frazier, naked from the waist up, came lumbering out of his hotel bathroom, yawned and stretched so wide that I momentarily wondered whether the room was big enough for both of us, and hurled himself down across his bed like a jumbo jet doing a belly flop landing. King Kong himself couldn't have made a more impressive entrance.

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    James Baldwin1971

    WS Category: Interviews

    A chat with James Baldwin can be a pleasant, jokey, easy-going relaxed affair, but an interview with him can be very hard work. He differentiates between the two encounters. Not I.

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    Karlheinz Stockhausen 1971

    WS Category: Interviews

    I'm sitting in the Albert Hall which, apart from a cluster of technicians around the platform, two pianists and a disembodied Germanic voice that seems to be drifting down from heaven with instructions, is quite empty.

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