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    Articles in category: Beatles File

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    Good Ol' Freda (Mail Online 28.11.13)

    WS Category: Beatles File

    They don't make many girls like Freda Kelly any more. They really don't. But, then, her attitudes were forged in an age that's past, a monochrome time of shining, cobbled Liverpool streets, of girls from the typing pool whose highest ambition was to become a secretary because that was pretty well the limit in a man's world, of a daughter's selfless devotion to a loved parent, and of an employee's unbending loyalty to her boss.

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    Paul McCartney, the Mull of Kintyre and No Going Back

    WS Category: Beatles File

    There was shock and disappointment in the west of Scotland this week when an absentee landlord told two employees that, after decades of service, they won't be needed on his farm after Christmas. From the employees' point of view this is obviously upsetting. But when the landlord is Paul McCartney and the farm is on the Mull of Kintyre, a remote part of Britain he once loved as a family hideaway and then made famous musically in one of his biggest hits, we wonder why this might be happening.

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    Letters from John Lennon (October 31, 2012)

    WS Category: Beatles File

    When a letter from John Lennon dropped through your letter box, you would, if you and he were on good terms, be smiling almost before you opened the envelope. Because, as he would say, everything he wrote was "for laughs or fun", and his letters would be happily embroidered with jokes and puns and maybe even a little cartoon. If you weren't getting on with him, however, while the wordplay would still be there, what he wrote might not make for pleasant reading. Paul McCartney got a few of those letters when the two were falling out when the Beatles broke up.

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    Paul McCartney At Seventy (Daily Mail, June 18, 2012)

    WS Category: Beatles File

    The perfectionist in Paul McCartney won't have enjoyed it, but, with his voice scratchy and strained, he sounded and looked exhausted as he closed the show at the Diamond Jubilee Concert a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps, though, his tiredness was to be expected. His short performance at Buckingham Palace was his thirty second in the past year with all the others having lasted for two and half hours each.

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    Sons Of The Beatles - Don't Do It, Boys (Daily Telegraph, April 5, 2012)

    WS Category: Beatles File

    There are many advantages in having a supremely talented and successful parent. Money is rarely a problem, and family access to those who might be helpful in a career cuts a lot of corners. But, when Paul McCartney's only son, James, let slip this week that he and some of the sons of the other three Beatles had discussed getting together to form a second generation Fab Four, it occurred that the gods of fortune might be playing games with them.

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