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    Articles in category: Autobiographical

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    Not Just The King's Speech... (Daily Mail 10.1.11)

    WS Category: Autobiographical

    When, some years ago, the Queen Mother was asked by screenwriter David Seidler whether she would like a film to be made about her late husband's struggle with his stammer, she replied: 'Not in my lifetime'. Even as an old lady, and many years after his death, the memory of the distress that a speech impediment had brought King George V1 was still too raw.

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    The Pickpocket And Me ---Evening Standard 16.11.10

    WS Category: Autobiographical

    Having your pocket picked on the Tube might not seem like everyone's idea of a good start to a day out, but in the end that's exactly what it was. It all began in mid-afternoon on a train between Fulham Broadway and Earls Court, just two stops away. I'd been invited to a reception at the House of Commons to lobby MPs to support the Public Lending Right ‒ that's the six pence a book that an author receives from the public purse whenever one of his or her books is borrowed from a library.

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    WS Category: Autobiographical

    After nine weeks the free serialisation of The Sandman has come to an end. Initially launched as an experiment in publishing, the results have outshone all expectations, with daily downloads in nineteen countries, including Russia, the Ukraine, Japan, India, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, the UK and the US.

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    Who Needs Editors? Everyone - Especially Bloggers

    WS Category: Autobiographical

    I appear to have rattled a few publishing cages with my recent Guardian article about my experiment in serialising my new novel The Sandman online on this site. That's fair enough. Good to see my old friend and former editor Ursula McKenzie giving the publishers' point of view in an answer in the same newspaper ‒ although I hardly think I was suggesting a storming of the publishing Bastille, Ursula.

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    Pink Granite Coast

    WS Category: Autobiographical

    My father never visited France---although he is buried in the tiny village of Servel, near Lannion, in Brittany. He was on his way to the Far East when he died in October 1944, the huge tank landing craft on which he was a passenger, and which was being towed in a flotilla, being sunk in the Western Approaches in what was then described as 'the worst storm of the war'.

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