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    John Lennon
    John Lennon on the day he died. (Unimaginable)

    Film, Televisiom amd Television
    Radio Drama

          Raymond Chandler
      Raymond Chandler, the subject of Lost Fortnight.

    Sorry, Boys, You Failed The Audition (2014)
    Seen through the eyes of their fan club secretary, what might have happened to the Beatles had they been turned down by Parlophone in 1962.

    God Bless Our Love (2010)
    Based on one of the several relationships in my novel, Love Out Of Season, the story concerns the honeymoon problems faced by a former priest and ex-nun.

    I Saw Her Standing There (2008)
    A short story commissioned by BBC Radio 4 as part of a series celebrating Liverpool’s year as the European Capital of Culture. An elderly widower gets in touch with a woman he saw for just one night in 1963.

    Unimaginable (2005)
    On the night of December 7, 1980, my children were excited. The following morning I was going to New York to interview John Lennon. Then at 4.30 a.m. the phone rang. Lennon had been murdered. Broadcast in December 2005, this is a play about the twenty four hours around the death of the former Beatle and how it affected both me and my family.

    Tim Merryman’s Days of Clover (2003)
    On the day Tim Merryman is forced into early retirement his wife gets a promotion. A bitter-sweet four part comedy series about middle-age, based on a weekly fictional column I wrote for The Times.

    Lost Fortnight (1996)
    In a rush to make an Alan Ladd movie before the star is drafted into the US Army in 1944, Paramount Pictures started shooting an unfinished screenplay by an on-the-wagon Raymond Chandler. But as filming progresses soon Chandler realises that he cannot finish the script…not sober, anyway. Based on a memoir by John Houseman.

    An Easy Game To Play (1984)
    Age, class and differing expectations of life in a Liverpool love story.