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        Perfect Scoundrels


      Forever Young

    For television

    The Rhythm of Life (1997) (documentary series about music with George Martin)
    I’d known George Martin since my days being slipped into a couple of Beatle recording sessions at Abbey Road by Paul McCartney, so I was thrilled and flattered to co-write this series for him with the director/producer Alan Benson. (BBC-2)

    A Day To Remember (1994)
    A documentary I presented as part of the BBC’s fiftieth anniversary of D-Day programmes, this film included me seeing for the first time my father’s grave in France. His body had been washed up in Brittany after he'd been lost at sea in 1944 while serving with the Royal Navy, but, until the BBC located the little French churchyard, I’d never known where he was buried.

    Perfect Scoundrels (1990)
    Actors Bryan Murray and Peter Bowles virtually bullied me into devising and writing this series for them. After seeing The Sting I’d always vowed I’d never write a film about con men, because the stories were too difficult to design. But having started I loved writing the episodes, although each scam took months to dream up and get right.

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    Defrosting The Fridge (1989)
    A BBC 2 film about English people who played American football, it starred Joe Don Baker and Phyllis Logan. A very ambitious project for producer Terry Coles and director Sandy Johnson in terms of scale, it worked well, the sub-text being globalisation.

    Lytton’s Diary (1985-86)
    The original idea for this came from actor Peter Bowles who, at the time, was intrigued by gossip columnists. We did two series of six episodes.

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    Forever Young (1984)
    I’ve always felt that this Channel Four film (not the Mel Gibson movie) is the best constructed screenplay I’ve written, the idea coming to me from a photograph of a fourteen year old Simon and Garfunkel. What would have happened to them if they’d split up before they became famous, and then met again in mid-life? A film about betrayal and broken ambition, it was also about emotional pain being passed from one generation to the next.

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    Honky Tonk Heroes (1981)
    A trilogy of plays with music set in a south London country and western club.

    Almost Tomorrow, Our Kid and An Hour In the Life (1977)
    Three BBC plays commissioned to commemorate the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.