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      Sunday Morning
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    In 1978 a young Australian news photographer narrowly escapes death when the Rhodesian army patrol he is with is attacked by guerrillas. Hiding in the forest, he discovers a remote, abandoned mansion. Inside the house he finds photographs and the forgotten belongings of a beautiful girl. The following day, he is befriended by an albino African boy and shown the girl’s grave. She was, he learns, Nicola Reynolds, a vivacious and wealthy young woman who had died mysteriously eleven years earlier.

    Meanwhile in London a newspaper, Sunday Morning, is being launched by American James Hudson and his best friend Richard Blake, who is also the paper’s editor. Back in the Sixties both men once loved Nicola, as did Richard’s wife, Emily, when they were all ambitious young people starting their careers. But what kind of woman was Nicola Reynolds? And how did she die?

    Sunday Morning is a complex and moving story of shifting relationships, betrayal and murder, set against unfolding world events.