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      Shadows on a Wall
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    Shadows On A Wall tells the story of one of the most expensive movies ever made, a film which starts as a fringe play at the Edinburgh Festival and which leads to multiple murder and the take-over of a Hollywood studio.

    Part mystery, part ironic black-comedy, it is also a collision of love stories: there is the screenwriter who writes a role for his girl friend and sees it taken from her; the producer who is desperate to please his unfaithful French wife, a former sex-star; and the growing friendship between the English schoolgirl actress and the young editor from California. But mainly it is the story about people who are in love with movies—and what really happens when they go on location.


    'Probably the best novel about movie making ever written.' Sunday Express.

    'Shadows On A Wall belongs on that select shelf of good literature about Hollywood alongside Robert Stone’s Children Of The Light and Michael Tolkin’s The Player.' Washington Post.

    'Without doubt the best movie story I have ever read. A brilliant mixture of irony, comedy and pathos.' Publishing News.

    'Shadows On A Wall…never falters. This bitter-sweet comedy about the making of a movie epic kept me engaged through every scene, laughing here, worrying there, fascinated always by the absurdity and the reality of it all. Epic and massively entertaining.' National Public Radio.

    'Darkly funny.' Seattle Times

    'Readers will certainly delight in the roller coaster ride of action packed and tragic events in this interesting novel.'  Booklist.

    'Bright and blackly funny…the War and Peace of Hollywood novels. Highly recommended.' New York Library Journal.

    'A smart, funny, knowing novel…this book would make a great movie.' Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

    'Hilarious…a wonderfully ironic black comedy.' Buzz.

    'Excellent…so accurate and so cutting is the portrait Connolly paints that even citizens of Tinseltown should give it the thumbs up.' Publishers Weekly.

    'Satire…with a couple of back comedy surprises that would have delighted Alfred Hitchcock.' San Francisco Chronicle.

    'Imagine The Player crossed with Reds and then throw in Hugh Grant and Quentin Tarantino. It's sure to wow 'em on the beaches.' Entertainment Weekly.

    'Connolly is both true to life and inventive. He knows how movie people behave and talk, and he knows how to tell a big story.' Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.