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    What the critics said

    “Funny, charming and compassionate, successfully transposing the conventions of Shakespearian comedy to the 21st Century.”—Anthony Gardner, The Mail On Sunday****

    “The perfect book to give to someone who’s a bit down… Funny, fun and fundamentally wise, this is a cracker of a book”--- Dublin Evening Herald *****

    “Absolutely charming, light in tone, but never trite or condescending”--- Yorkshire Post

    “A cross between Fawlty Towers and Love Actually”--- Daily Express

     “A really nice feel-good read” --Irish Examiner

     “A splendid page turner”—Liverpool Daily Post

    “A superior rom-com read”---Belfast Telegraph

    “Witty, sly, truthful, honest and great fun---it will leave you feeling the world is a slightly better place than you did before you read it”---Stephen Lewis, Evening Press, York.

    “A treat of discovering love in its many guises---and at whatever age” --- Bolton Evening News

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