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    So We Lost... - Daily Mail, July 2018

    Category: Random Pieces

    So, that's it. We lost. England won't now be in the final of the World Cup on Sunday and Croatia will meet France. We're disappointed. Of course, we are. But what an incredible ride our team has given us over this past few weeks. Let's be honest, few of us ever really expected England to get anywhere near the semi-finals, and it's been joyful surprise after surprise as Gareth Southgate's young team have claimed the scalps and progressed through the tournament.

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    Macca at the Cavern - Daily Mail, July 2018

    Category: Random Pieces

    The place won't have looked the same, that's for sure. Not the way it did when Paul made his debut at the Cavern with the Beatles at lunchtime on February 21, 1961. It can't, because it isn't the same. It isn't even in the same place - the original Cavern having been demolished in a fit of Liverpool lunacy back in the Seventies. The club that Paul McCartney played in yesterday, though it's in the same Mathew Street, and has been a tourist focal point for thirty years, is a heritage rebuild, like a tutti-frutti Globe Theatre, close to the sacred spot of legend, if not actually on it.

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    Paul McCartney Gets Back to Liverpool (Daily Mail 23.6.18)

    When Paul McCartney was a teenage boy dreaming of greatness he would sit on the loo in his father's council house on a Liverpool estate, play his guitar and sing. With that slight bathroom echo of lino and tiles, the room had the best acoustic in the house. From an early age he realised that if you were going to be a star you had to have that touch of echo. We know this because he's just told us in a short film covering his first return to his teenage home for James Corden's Late Late Show on television. It's an honest, unabashed reflection. Paul McCartney knows better than anyone how his childhood helped make him the most famous singer-songwriter in the world.

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    'As Time Goes By' - a review of Derek Taylor's memoir (Daily Mail, 13.4.18)

    One morning in 1969 I was sitting at my desk at the London Evening Standard when we got a tip-off that John Lennon had been arrested on a drugs charge. My job at the time was, among much else, to cover everything Beatles. So, immediately, I telephoned their friendly Press officer, Derek Taylor, at their Apple headquarters.

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    The Beatles Go To India: Daily Mail 6.4.18

    Category: Random Pieces

    When the Beatles set off for India in February 1968, they left behind a degree of bemusement and even ridicule among many of their fans. Why on earth were the four most famous young men in the world going off to an ashram in the Himalayas to study something called 'transcendental meditation'? And what kind of game was their guru, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, playing? Back then 'meditation' was something that only holy people did, definitely not members of rock bands.

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