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    Christmas Carols, 2008

    Category: Autobiographical

    We're hardly the best choir in London. We never rehearse and we only ever meet once a year when we sing Christmas carols in a shopping mall. And although we're all English, we're not exclusively Christian.

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    Elvis by the Presleys, 2006

    Category: Random Pieces

    Priscilla Beaulieu must have thought she'd gone to live with the Beverly Hillbillies when Elvis Presley talked her parents into letting her leave their home in Germany and join him at Graceland in Memphis in 1962. He might have been the most famous star in the world, but he still lived, as he always would, with his father and grandmother, and with four cooks working around the clock so that fried bacon could be served day or night.

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    A sunny May morning in Lymington, 2006

    Category: Autobiographical

    I wore my Elvis socks the day my mother died. Made of black cotton with the name Elvis embroidered in silver thread across the ankles, I showed them to her when, waking on the morning of her death, she found me at her bedside. The sight of them made her smile through the pain. Elvis was a joke we'd shared for fifty years since she'd pretended to despair of me as a teenager.

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    Mick Jagger

    Category: Interviews

    For three years he's been a kaleidoscope personality, and the best feed-man for tired comics in the business. Two years ago Maureen Cleave worried whether you'd let your daughter marry him - although there's such a thing as chance. Then last summer he was Mick the Martyr, when Judge Block sent him down for three months for possessing cannabis - before becoming Mick the Championed when the Lord Chief Justice brought him back up again.

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