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    The F-Word And 'Kenneth Tynan Should Have His Bottom Smacked' - Daily Mail, September 7, 2017

    Category: Random Pieces

    Back in November 1965, writer Kenneth Tynan, then the literary manager of the National Theatre, was asked during a late-night BBC television discussion if he would allow sexual intercourse to take place on stage. It was a deliberately provocative question, and, slightly side-stepping it, Tynan gave the qualified answer of 'yes', before adding that those involved would, of course, have to answer to the courts.

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    What If Elvis Hadn't Left The Building? ( Daily Mail August 19, 2017)

    Elvis Presley died forty years ago this week, but as, over the decades, so many fans have continued to insist that he is still alive, it's become a commonplace joke that he's been spotted on a ranch in Arizona, or on the checkout at Lidl in Nottingham, or even, as Kirsty MacColl sang, working in her local chip shop. But what if he really hadn't died, if his heart attack hadn't been fatal? What would his past 40 years have looked like? RAY CONNOLLY, something of an expert on Elvis, thinks the singer's story might have gone something like this...

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    Glen Campbell Obituary (Daily Mail 10.8.17)

    Glen Campbell was a brave man. You have to be brave to set off on a vast nationwide tour of the US fully aware that you have Alzheimer's Disease, that you may not always know where you are, who is on stage with you or the order of the famous songs that you are going to sing. But that is what Glen Campbell did in 2011 at the age of 75. He knew what his illness was, but he knew, too, that going on tour would draw attention to the disease, a focus that could only help others similarly afflicted.

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    Elvis - The Making Of Love Me Tender ( Daily Mail 11,08.2017)

    If Elvis Presley had never existed, the film Love Me Tender would still have been made. But it wouldn't have been called Love Me Tender, and wouldn't have had that song in it - or, for that matter, any other songs. That being so, in all probability, neither you nor I would ever have heard of it.

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    Fifty Years On...a lifetime in Fleet Street ....

    Category: Random Pieces

    .....or what Muhammad Ali, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, Michael Caine, Leonard Cheshire, Paul Raymond, Eric Morecambe, Mick Jagger, Terry Wogan, Elvis Preesley, Dennis Hopper, David Attenborough, Lord Hailsham, Tony Benn, Charlie Watts, Enoch Powell, Marc Bolan and Jimmy Savile told me

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