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    Brian Matthew 1928-2017 An interview for Saga in 2012

    Category: Random Pieces

    Leaning forward into his BBC microphone, headphones clamped to his ears, finger on the fader and a walking stick alongside, Brian Matthew at work looks more like a cricket commentator than the oldest disc jockey in the country - and, possibly, the world. He's 83 and the congregation who turn to his Sounds of The 60s every Saturday morning on Radio 2, are, for the most part, four million baby boomers - starting their weekend with him as many of them would have done half a century ago when he introduced Saturday Club on the old Light Programme.

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    Ed Sheeran Daily Mail 13.1.2017

    Category: Random Pieces

    There's no substitute for talent. There really isn't. If you doubt that, take a look at Ed Sheeran. With that thatch of red hair, and those muscular arms decorated with multitudinous tattoos, at first glance you might mistake him for a farm labourer who has just left his tractor in a field.

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    Rod Stewart p a National Treasure?

    It isn't every day that you spot a multi-millionaire travelling on the London Underground. That isn't usually the style for men who are famous all around the world, who have swanky houses, dozens of gold records, and a long list of the phone numbers of beautiful blondes in their old address books.

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    Venice, Plum and a 50th Wedding Anniversary Mail On Sunday. 27.11.16

    Category: Random Pieces

    Some couples celebrate their golden wedding anniversary by holding a feast for friends and family to show how successfully they've made it through the steeplechase of marriage. But that wasn't for us.

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    Leonard Cohen Obituary 12.11. 2016 Daily Mail

    Category: Random Pieces

    Leonard Cohen was a poet, a singer, a novelist, a gypsy, a Jewish Zen-Buddhist and an unashamed ladies' man. And what a ladies' man! When the news of his death in Los Angeles was announced yesterday by his son, Adam, a little piece of romance went out of the world.

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