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    Let Nothing You Dismay - A Christmas Story (23.12.18)

    Category: Random Pieces

    Harry watched as Amy, with the tip of her tongue poking from between her lips, compiled her list. Finally, at the bottom of the page she wrote in fluorescent pink: 'Happy Christmas. With love from Amy xxx'. Then, sticking a couple of shiny stars next to her name, she folded the paper and put it into a small envelope from her stationery set.

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    John Lennon, Yoko and Me (Sunday Times Magazine, December 9, 2018)

    Category: Random Pieces

    One afternoon I was sitting with John Lennon in the kitchen at his Tittenhurst Park home in Berkshire when he asked me if I'd written his obituary yet. It was 1970, and amused, at the very idea of an obituary, when neither of us had yet reached thirty, I replied that I hadn't. John grinned: 'I'd love to read it when you do.' So, I promised I'd show it to him if I ever did it. I still hadn't got around to it when a decade later on December 9, 1980, I was woken by a phone call at 4.30 in the morning. My first thought was that it must be the taxi company phoning about the cab that was to take me to Heathrow to catch a plane to New York - where I was to interview John for the Sunday Times.

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    When the Lunatic Beatles Took Over The Asylum And Made The White Album (November 9, 2018)

    Category: Random Pieces

    When it comes to rock music, events of half a century ago are almost ancient history. So, we can imagine the thrill that Giles Martin, the son of record producer George Martin, must have got, when he received a parcel from Olivia Harrison, widow of George Harrison, and found inside a collection of demo recordings of over thirty Beatles' songs - which hadn't been heard in half a century.

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    Me and My Hollyhocks - Daily Mail, June 2018

    Category: Random Pieces

    Someone broke the growing tips off two of our hollyhocks last week. For some wanton reason he or she stopped on the West London pavement outside our front garden, leant over the fence and removed the tops. At this stage in the summer, hollyhocks are only about four to five feet tall. By mid-July, had they not been so viciously stunted, the decapitated two would have been seven giant feet high, and other passers-by, who are not of a barbarous nature, would have paused to admire them.

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    So We Lost... - Daily Mail, July 2018

    Category: Random Pieces

    So, that's it. We lost. England won't now be in the final of the World Cup on Sunday and Croatia will meet France. We're disappointed. Of course, we are. But what an incredible ride our team has given us over this past few weeks. Let's be honest, few of us ever really expected England to get anywhere near the semi-finals, and it's been joyful surprise after surprise as Gareth Southgate's young team have claimed the scalps and progressed through the tournament.

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