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    Ed Sheeran Daily Mail 13.1.2017

    Category: Random Pieces

    There's no substitute for talent. There really isn't. If you doubt that, take a look at Ed Sheeran. With that thatch of red hair, and those muscular arms decorated with multitudinous tattoos, at first glance you might mistake him for a farm labourer who has just left his tractor in a field.

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    Rod Stewart p a National Treasure?

    It isn't every day that you spot a multi-millionaire travelling on the London Underground. That isn't usually the style for men who are famous all around the world, who have swanky houses, dozens of gold records, and a long list of the phone numbers of beautiful blondes in their old address books.

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    Venice, Plum and a 50th Wedding Anniversary Mail On Sunday. 27.11.16

    Category: Random Pieces

    Some couples celebrate their golden wedding anniversary by holding a feast for friends and family to show how successfully they've made it through the steeplechase of marriage. But that wasn't for us.

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    Leonard Cohen Obituary 12.11. 2016 Daily Mail

    Category: Random Pieces

    Leonard Cohen was a poet, a singer, a novelist, a gypsy, a Jewish Zen-Buddhist and an unashamed ladies' man. And what a ladies' man! When the news of his death in Los Angeles was announced yesterday by his son, Adam, a little piece of romance went out of the world.

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    Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature Daily Mail 14.10.16

    Category: Random Pieces

    You've got to give it to him. Even at the age of seventy five Bob Dylan can still really get up people's noses. Back in the Sixties it was the establishment of politicians and big business he irritated when his first hits were anti-war and anti-prejudice songs of youthful protest. Today it's the pomp and pretension of some members of the literary establishment who will be indignant.

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