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    Fifty Years On...a lifetime in Fleet Street ....

    Category: Random Pieces

    .....or what Muhammad Ali, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, Michael Caine, Leonard Cheshire, Paul Raymond, Eric Morecambe, Mick Jagger, Terry Wogan, Elvis Preesley, Dennis Hopper, David Attenborough, Lord Hailsham, Tony Benn, Charlie Watts, Enoch Powell, Marc Bolan and Jimmy Savile told me

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    Barry Norman 1933-2017

    Category: Random Pieces

    Barry Norman was one of those people who always seemed wryly amused by life - so much so that on TV he came across as an agreeable friend who had just been to see some films he thought we might like to know about. Film criticism wasn't a life and death matter, he seemed to be saying, and, even though sometimes a film might be considered a work of art, he understood, too, that overwhelmingly, for you and me, movies are also about entertainment.

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    Memories of My First Pop Festival 24.6.17

    Category: Random Pieces

    Never one for roughing it, not even Bob Dylan was going to get me under canvas, when, in August 1969, a couple of brothers called Foulk managed to tempt the great man to their Isle of Wight Festival of Music. Does Dylan have any idea where the Isle of Wight is, I remember thinking when his appearance was announced. It's across the sea! Not a very big sea, I admit. But an island is an island.

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    Sgt. Pepper - Beatles Masterpiece or Sacred Cow? Daily Mail 27.5.17

    Category: Random Pieces

    You can hardly fail to have noticed that a rather special anniversary is to be celebrated next Thursday. With a festival in Liverpool, a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, several new documentary films on television, and, on the radio, a blizzard of nationwide reverence, earnest discussion and music it will be like...well, 1967 all over again. The occasion is, of course, the fiftieth anniversary of the release of the Beatles eighth album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Regularly voted in music polls the best and most influential rock album ever made, with global sales now well over 32 million copies and awards galore for many of those involved in its creation, Sgt. Pepper has, for half a century, been a harvester of superlatives.

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    Brian Matthew 1928-2017 An interview for Saga in 2012

    Category: Random Pieces

    Leaning forward into his BBC microphone, headphones clamped to his ears, finger on the fader and a walking stick alongside, Brian Matthew at work looks more like a cricket commentator than the oldest disc jockey in the country - and, possibly, the world. He's 83 and the congregation who turn to his Sounds of The 60s every Saturday morning on Radio 2, are, for the most part, four million baby boomers - starting their weekend with him as many of them would have done half a century ago when he introduced Saturday Club on the old Light Programme.

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