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    RAY CONNOLLY has written several novels, including SUNDAY MORNING and SHADOWS ON A WALL, the movies THAT'LL BE THE DAY and STARDUST, the television series LYTTON'S DIARY and PERFECT SCOUNDRELS and a biography of JOHN LENNON. He also worked with record producer SIR GEORGE MARTIN on the television series THE RHYTHM OF LIFE, and has written TV plays, films and documentaries, radio plays, short stories and much journalism. He is married and lives in London.

    Latest Journalism

    That'll Be The Day/ Stardust

    Currently adapting my screenplays for the two films That'll Be The Day and Stardust as two radio plays for BBC Radio 4 for broadcast in 2016

    Latest Journalism

    The Worst Thing About Getting Older ... And The Best

    The worst thing about getting older, isn't the getting older part. It's the watching everybody else getting younger. The London Underground is...

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